The Benefits of having a Conservatory

There are many benefits to having a conservatory built on your property, so if you’re looking for information on how and why they’re installed, read on here. Lalco is the leading provider of conservatories in the North West of England and can help advise you and guide you to make your conservatory dreams a reality. We are professionally accredited and fully qualified conservatory installers with years of experience and the skills, knowledge and competence to get the job done.

Conservatories are an adaptation of the orangeries of the Renaissance period, which were created to allow the wealthy to grow their favoured citrus fruits year-round without the risk of frost or decay. As the trend spread throughout the colder climes of Northern Europe, conservatories were introduced with a higher percentage of glass per room, allowing as much light and heat in as possible to help give the plants the best possible chance of survival in temperatures that are rarely tropical. Nowadays, conservatories are used as an additional living space bridging the gap between an outdoor space and garden, and the indoors.

There are numerous benefits to having a conservatory on your home and we cover just some of them off here. Read on to learn more and you’ll soon be convinced!

Added Value

If you’re investing in the build of a new conservatory, it’s unlikely that you’re considering immediately putting your home on the market. However, studies of house prices have shown that having a conservatory can increase a property’s value by 10-20%! Even if you have no plans to ever move on, knowing that you have a high-value property gives great piece of mind.

An Extra Living Space

For most of us, an extra room will always be a good thing. Conservatories have often been considered a seasonal room for summer only but modern insulation technology and build techniques negates this, and instead keeps a comfortable temperature no matter the weather outside.

Modern conservatories are often used as a relaxing living space in addition to your normal lounge or reception room but can also be converted into an office, storage space or even a bedroom! The possibilities are endless.

Top Light Quality

The nature of a room with a glass roof is, of course, that those within it are exposed to a lot of light. Natural light brightens any room but human exposure to it has positive health and mood benefits. Even when it seems to be cloudy outside, you can benefit from spending some time outside – so a conservatory works as a fantastic compromise. Try and spend at least 15 minutes in there every day during periods of sunshine or blue sky!

Year-Round Outdoor Enjoyment

With the unpredictable Great British weather, it’s a tendency of us all to strip off and sunbathe every time there’s a hint of sun but hibernate away every time there’s clouds or cold. Your garden likely goes with minimal maintenance through Autumn-Winter but with a conservatory fitted, there’s no need for it to not to be enjoyed! You can still admire your greenery even when it’s frosted or wet by spending time in a conservatory.

Minimal Maintenance

Conservatories fitted by Lalco are built to function with minimal maintenance. The uPVC frames will never degrade or warp (unlike traditional wooden frames, that expand and contract with temperature changes and age) and are wipe-clean. There is no risk of rot, rusting, flaking or peeling either. You can clean your conservatory’s exterior as little or often as you like, but when it rains, the job is essentially done for you… all dirt, dust and grime washes away!

A Secure Environment

Conservatories are often considered the weak spot of a property’s security; but when installed by experts Lalco, this is not the case.

All glass is reinforced, the uPVC used is strengthened and all windows and doors come with high-quality locking systems to prevent forced entry. Everything is built to comply with BSI (British Standards Institute) security standards so you can ensure you’re thoroughly protected.

No Planning Permission Required

Normally, the addition of a conservatory to your property is considered to be a “permitted development” requiring no third-party permissions or administration. Providing the construction fits within stipulated dimensions and requirements, you should experience no difficulties. Lalco’s team are more than happy to help advise you on how to proceed with your conservatory development within the stated boundaries and without the need for lots of extra paperwork and time. Each conservatory we build is entirely custom-designed so we’ll fit it best to your property and still adhere to the rules.

In most cases, it is unlikely that your planned conservatory would breach any of the guidelines set by building regulations but if you are working with a large space or would like guidance and advice, Lalco’s team are happy to help.

The Process of having a Conservatory Designed and Built

Lalco will arrange to visit your property to discuss your requirements and desired conservatory, and design this from scratch. All technical drawings and plans with full quotations will be shared with you so you can choose exactly how you’d like your new room to look.

A budget, timescale and date for build will be agreed, once all material pieces have been ordered and have arrived safely. The construction begins with the base, which, size-dependent, should take just a few days of work. In this time, the ground is cleared, footings are dug out and base layers are laid. The floor is levelled before the walls is built and then everything will be left for a few days (often over a weekend) so all the materials can settle.

Frames and glazing is added before electrical work begins. The flooring is added last and then the team will again leave it to dry out and set. Finally, the Lalco team will return to make the finishing touches and voila! Your conservatory is ready to go. The whole design and building process should take no more than a few weeks, depending on the size of the new room and what you’d like to use it for.

Lalco offers a service and product that is second-to-none in terms of quality and of value for money. We work on conservatory installation in properties across the North West, so whether you’re in Liverpool, Merseyside, Warrington, Chester, Widnes or Southport, we can travel to meet you and install your new conservatory. Get in touch with the team today and share your thoughts and ideas with us – we’ll get planning right away!