Sliding / Bifold doors

Sliding/Bifold Doors

Sliding and bifold doors can both make fantastic additions to your home but both have their own benefits. Which is right for you? Read on and then speak to the Lalco team to find the right door type for you at a price point that suits you.

Space Considerations

Bifold doors are ideal for areas of bigger size, as the door mechanism folds back on itself when open and stores away at one end. Sliding doors, however, simply place one door behind, in between or in front of another, taking up less room. However, bifold doors allow for wider entrances and exits, so if your door will be used heavily, this may be the best option. Sliding doors can be designed with ‘pockets’ to slide back into wall cavities – ask the Lalco team for more information on how this works and how it could be installed in your home!


Both sliding and bifold doors are normally floor-to-ceiling in height, but bifold require more framing and so have less glass within. Whilst this may not impact the amount of light entering the home too much, it should be recognised – but this extra frame material does allow for you to choose colours and styles that fit in with your property’s interior and existing.

Bridging the Gap

Beautifully bridging the gap between the indoors and outside, having sliding or bifold doors installed in your home allow for you to enjoy your garden or outdoor space year-round without the hefty investment into a conservatory, orangery or house extension. Both offer a seamless entrance and exit to an outdoor area with few visual interruptions.

Thermal Values

The ‘weak spot’ of any door in general terms is the steel or aluminium frame. This does make bifold doors slightly less effective at thermal insulation performance, simply as there’s more framing materials involved; but our team can help you advise you on this. Lalco will only install door solutions that keep you comfortable and can make recommendations on how best to keep warm and snug indoors no matter which door option you choose.

Contact Lalco today and let’s talk doors: sliding or bifold, we’re here to design and install spectacular solutions for your home.