Panoramic windows

Panoramic Windows

Panoramic windows are often seen as the domain of Hollywood houses and penthouse apartments, but this is no longer the case with more affordable solutions now available on the British market.

Transform the aesthetics of your property with panoramic windows installed by Lalco. Whatever size or shape your home, we can find a panoramic solution for you.

Bringing the Outdoors, In

You can bridge the gap between the inside of your home and the environment around it without having to extend or branch out into it. There’s often concern about large windows allowing in the cold, but this need not be the case with Lalco panoramic windows: we’ll ensure your glazing and fitting is high-quality enough to keep you comfortable inside.

The Benefits of Natural Light

There’s always light outside in the day time – even if it’s not as bright and sunny if you’d like it to be! Inviting more natural light into your home with Lalco panoramic windows gives a brighter and fresher feel and can give a natural mood uplift to those inside it.

Privacy Options

Whilst having a panoramic window is often a novelty to begin with, quickly thoughts turn to privacy and who can see in as you can see out. There’s no need to worry: tinted glass options are available to offer subtle one-way views and to keep everything in your home private.

A Quiet Solution

Despite popular misconceptions, panoramic windows can be installed in a way that gives noise-protection qualities; keeping your noise inside the home and external noise outside! High quality glazing and fitting can resolve any issues you may already have… even if your existing windows are considerably smaller than that which you’re considering moving to.

Choice of Styles

A panoramic window wall need not just result in sliding doors or a plain surface. Lalco offers panoramic windows with parallel opening, tilt turn or casement options.

If panoramic windows are something that you’ve ever considered, get in touch with the Lalco team! You don’t need a large space or a huge house, and we can transform your windows to make a beautiful design statement and to increase the value of your property considerably.