Orangeries are growing in popularity in the UK, as a practical and elegant alternative to having a conservatory fitted. Here at Lalco, we’re the industry leaders in the North West for both design and construction of orangeries – helping you install the newest room in your house with great value for money.

Orangeries are not dissimilar to conservatories but are the original design of them; purpose-built during the Renaissance period for the rich to grow their favoured citrus fruits year-round in a warm environment despite any inclement weather outside. Rather than full see-transparent panels in the style of a conservatory, orangeries tend to have more brickwork and panelling, with an opaque roof. This gives a sleeker style and a more practical living space, without the exposure of harmful UV rays in summer and the onward fading of furniture within.

Custom Design and Build

Lalco’s expert construction team custom-design all orangeries and after a home survey can draw up plans to fit your property and requirements exactly. Everything will be tailor-made for your property, desired usage and circumstances. We put you at the heart of everything we do so your orangery is perfect for you.

Less Glass, More Room

The legal definition that differs an orangery from a conservatory is that it has less than 75% glass in the structure. This still gives a great compromise between house and garden, but incorporates the design better with the existing aesthetic of the property so it doesn’t look like an ‘add-on’, in the way conservatories so often can. Orangeries still have numerous style choices for you to select from; including materials, colours, shapes and sizes.

Added Value

Having an extra living space and room in the home is fantastic not just for those living within it, but also for the value of your home. An orangery adds more value to your home than a conservatory does, with property prices including them up to 20% above those without.

If you’d like to invest in an elegant addition to your home with a new orangery room, get in touch with the Lalco team for a full consultation and bespoke design and installation.