Home entrance doors

Home Entrance Doors

Lalco offer the design and installation of bespoke home entrance doors known as Rockdoors. These doors are made in a unique manufacturing process, offering security features that are second to none for both domestic and commercial properties. These doors don’t just work for front doors, but also back doors and any other entrance points into your home. Ask us for design options and quotes. We can even attend your home for a full survey and to make recommendations as to which door types will work best for you.

Stylish Security 

Rockdoors are not standard home entrance doors but don’t compromise on style – there’s no steel blocks or window grates here! As each door is custom-built, you can brief the Lalco team with a design, colour and finish that suits you; whether it be to fit in with the existing exterior of your home, or to make a statement. Rockdoors can even be finished to look like genuine timber, so there’s plenty of styles to choose from.

Security Hooked, Unbreakably

Over 70% of burglaries involve forcing entry to a property by breaking open an entrance door. Rockdoors, however, have nickel-coated solid brass hooks that link into stainless steel that runs the full length of the door’s outer frame. This means that however hard any would-be intruder tries, they simply cannot break through.

Entirely Encased Glass

Glass panels in home entrance doors all too often make an easy weak spot to target and are at risk of breakage. However, Rockdoors entirely encase all glass panels, so whilst you can still see through them, they can’t be cracked or shattered.

A Unique Material Make-Up

Unlike standard single-material home entrance doors, Rockdoors are made using high-impact uPVC are wrapped in aluminium moulds, to give texture aesthetically. The door is then reinforced with carbon fibre (which is stronger than steel), and the custom glass panelling is sealed in.

Rockdoors can only installed by accredited tradespeople, and Lalco are approved installers. Our team will deal your home entrance door requirements and have your design custom-built before visiting your home to install it.