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Doors and Windows

Whether you need a single window replacement for a breakage or a whole new set of windows and doors internally and externally, Lalco can help.

We pride ourselves on being the best value provider of windows and doors in the North West of England, and we specialise in uPVC (unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride) windows and doors. A modern plastic, it is fast becoming the most popular material for domestic windows and doors in the UK – and when you read up on the benefits, you’ll soon see why!

Long Lasting

A huge advantage of uPVC is its longevity in comparison to traditional window constructions, meaning that they don’t need frequent replacement and are a sound long-term home improvement investment. This is primarily because the chemical make-up of the PolyVinyl Chloride is that its weather-resistant, making it completely unaffected by temperature changes. Where wooden frames warp and move slightly during fluctuations in temperature, uPVC stays a constant and standard shape with no changes.

Neat Appearance

As a single material making up the whole frame, uPVC looks tidy from installation – and stays that way. There’s nothing to rot or warp, and no metal components to develop unsightly rust. It is completely unaffected by damp and moisture and has no cover-up on the exterior, so nothing to flake off.

Energy Efficient

When used in conjunction with double-glazing, uPVC windows and doors offer an improved energy efficiency to the property within which they’re fitted. This saves the homeowner money on energy bills, adds value to the property and helps improve emissions and environmental contributions.

Choice of Colours and Styles

Although you’ve likely seen plenty of home with standard white uPVC windows and matching doors, this is just one of the numerous styles available. uPVC is available in a variety of colours, textures and designs, so there’s no need to ‘blend in’ with everyone else – your house can stand out from others and even have uPVC installations that look like other products.

uPVC windows can also come in casement style, tilt and turn, fully reversible and sash. With a proper window locking system in place, these windows will improve your home security and could even save you money on your building and contents insurance!

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