When looking for a conservatory, it’s important to appoint a specialist company with the experience and skillset available to recommend, design and build your ideal extra room. There are many companies out there who often standard designs for fixed prices, but this is counter-intuitive – your conservatory should be tailor-made for you and your property to ensure it’s the best possible fit for your intended usage and limitations. Lalco build all of their conservatories completely bespoke for the customer.

There’s lots of benefits to having a conservatory, and they’re no longer rooms just for the summer. With modern construction methods and specialist insulation, your conservatory can be used year-round to provide a cool space in hot weather and a warm on in cold weather.


Whilst they were originally designed for growing plants, conservatories now can be used as relaxation spaces, offices, dining areas or even yoga studios… if you can think of a room use, it can be designed for it.

Connection with your Garden

Bridging the gap between your outdoor space and the indoors, conservatories can be fitted with various types of doors to lead onto your patio or into your garden. During warmer weather, you may even choose to leave the doors open and have a hybrid room for comfort. It makes for a great space for entertaining!

Improving Value

Studies of the housing market has shown that a conservatory being added to a home can increase the property’s value by up to 10%. This doesn’t need to be an immediate consideration but is worth noting if you do ever choose to put your home on the market.

Tailor-made Design

Here at Lalco we will work with you from idea conception to full installation. There are thousands of combinations of building materials, shapes and sizes, colours, ventilation options and door and window types. Our wealth of experience with conservatory installation and construction means that we can fit your property with a standard style conservatory or something a bit different – just get in touch and let us know your requirements and ideas!