The Benefits of uPVC Doors and Windows

uPVC, or unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride, is a stable material that makes for an ideal framing and sealant for doors and windows in residential properties and is quickly gaining popularity. uPVC doors and windows can now be found on almost every residential street in the UK, and when you understand the benefits of the material over more traditional home improvements, you’ll soon understand why.

Lalco is the North West of England’s leading supplier in uPVC doors and windows and are experts in home improvement solutions. We explain here the benefits of choosing uPVC for your windows and doors and how to get in touch to have them fitted in your home.

You may have heard of PVCu, and this is the same material as uPVC – it’s just that most European languages place the noun (PVC) before an adjective (U), so the arrangement of the word is slightly different. It comes in two forms: flexible, which is used in plastic bottles and bank cards, and rigid, which is the type used in construction and the build of windows and doors. In the case of using uPVC for doors and windows, strengthening additives are added to reinforce the material and increase its insulative performance.

The Benefits of uPVC Doors and Windows over more Traditional Solutions

There are numerous benefits to using uPVC for doors and windows in the home which is why it has grown in popularity so much. We cover these here, explaining how and why uPVC is a superior solution for homes.


Compared to other materials for doors and windows, buying uPVC is often considerably cheaper as the material is widely available for installers to purchase. Lalco always guarantee to offer the best possible price and we’ll match others in the North West on a like-for-like basis if you think you’ve found a better deal elsewhere.

When combined with the money-saving efficiencies and benefits below, it is obvious that having uPVC doors and windows installed is the most cost-efficient method on the market.

Increased Energy Efficiency

uPVC has fantastic insulation properties. uPVC double-glazed windows offer insulation properties that can’t be matched. The vacuum between the panes of glass in the windows prevents cold air or temperature fluctuations from entering the home and warm air from leaving. The frame reinforces this insulation, keeping your property comfortable and cosy.

This makes your property more energy efficient, adding value to its overall price and saving you money on your energy bills as less heating and cooling will be required. The energy saving made is favoured by local authorities too, so you’ll always be on the right side of building regulations.

A window design incorporating uPVC into the frame also holds noise-reduction capabilities, keeping external noise out and internal noise within. Whether you live on a busy road or just have a busy family, the difference will be noticeable immediately.


uPVC windows and doors are often white, the naturally-occurring shade that the material takes on. This is the cheapest option so often the default, but uPVC actually is available in a variety of different colours and finishes.

You can select from a range of colours and shades to best fit your home’s existing aesthetic. A wood-grain or textured finish can be included and when used in conjunction with a darker colour, it can often be difficult to differentiate between better value uPVC products and more expensive timber products. Unless your friends, family and neighbours touch them – which seems unlikely – they’ll never know!


uPVC isn’t just ideal for windows, but front doors, patio doors, fire doors, French doors and fold doors too. Conservatories are also often constructed with uPVC framing. The insulation properties of uPVC keeps your home comfortable and resistant to temperature fluctuations, so works for all rooms with entrances or exits to the outside world: never compromising on appearance, but keeping you cosy too. A uPVC door can even be used as a home entrance door.

A Stable, Durable and Fire-Resistant Material

Unlike wood and other more traditional door and window frame materials, uPVC is entirely stable and is not affected by weather or temperature. Wooden and timber doors and windows have a tendency to absorb moisture and expand and contract during periods of temperature change, leaving them warped and ill-fitting: exactly what you don’t want to protect your home! uPVC, however, will never change shape and remains stable.

uPVC is inflammable and will never ignite, unlike wood and other such alternatives. This helps combat the spread of any fire and sits well within building and health and safety regulations for the best possible protection of your home. When you measure uPVC against other door and window materials, it scored extremely high for fire safety.

uPVC is strong and can’t be easily broken, increasing the security of your property. Frames and doors are reinforced with metal and aluminium framing for thorough protection.

Maintenance Free

Unlike wooden and aluminium windows and doors that need regular cleaning and treatments to keep them in the best possible condition, uPVC windows and doors are essentially wipe-clean – and rinse nicely in the rain! All residual dirt, dust and build-up will wash away with a wipe or water, leaving you with a beautifully-clean exterior to your home.

Lalco: the Premier uPVC Door and Window Supplier in the North West

Lalco have years of experience in installing uPVC products and can help advise you from the outset on what will work best for you, your property and your circumstances. Get in touch with our team today and we’ll happily attend to complete a home survey and give you a quote and recommendations for uPVC doors and windows.

Lalco are the best value provider of uPVC doors and windows in the North West and will beat any quote you’re supplied by anyone else on a like-for-like basis.